MARCH Meeting

Chairman's Letter:

Hello Ladies,

I hope you all remember that we voted to move our meeting up one week to work around Crane parent/teacher conferences. I am

looking forward to a fun night of "Movie Extravanganza". We will have our usual 7:00 food and social time and meeting at 7:30. At the

conclusion of the meeting then the gift exchange will take place. Don't forget to bring a gift of $20.00 with a movie theme. Also bring

your calendars with you because we have some open dates on the thriftshop schedule. See you soon!!


This meetings Hostesses are...

Melody P.

Jennifer D.

Dru M.

Thank you Ladies!!!


Please read over minutes to be approved at March Meeting (March 17th @ 7:00)

LAS DEDICADAS MEETING – February 20, 2014




Meeting was called to order at 7:42 PM by Chair Leeanne L.


Hours Report: Melody P.

      February: 139, Y/D: 406.5


Corresponding Secretary: Linda S.

Thank you cards to Sue Harlow and Karen Griffin for doing our thrift/School Bell orientation.


Treasurers Report: Roxanne D.

     January Balance: $14,093.97

      Recent Expenditures: $1,029.22 Hygiene kits

 Deposits: 0

     February Balance: $13,064.75


AL Liaison’s Report: Shirley M.

      The idea of using credit cards in the shop has been cancelled.

      Our January income was $2010.20 bringing the YTD total to $117,357.30. Saturday workers are reminded to check the lock box before leaving and put out items on the priced shelf when needed.

     YTD children clothed are 857. Lack of transportation has led to no shows which is discouraging. AmeriSchool donated many books to OSB from money earned at a fundraiser.


Membership: Peggy E.

      New member/replacement name tags were made and distributed.



      Hygiene Kits: Amanda N.

            200 kits were made before meeting, 364 kits made in November by GAP Kids


      School kits: Karen B.

            500 kits made in November by GAP Kids


Out-To-Lunch Bunch: Stacey M.

      On hold


Scholarships: Dru M.

      The amount of $1,000.00 per school was motioned by Karen, second by Linda and approved.


Thrift Shop: LuAnn G.

     Calendar passed around to fill in dates.


Chairman’s Business

     Volunteer opportunity: Yuma Centennial celebration April 7-12. Volunteers needed for Thursday, April 10 to gather people for aerial picture and clean-up. Volunteers will need to show at 5 PM. Email to come with team shirt design.

     Relay for Life is April 26

     Member dues of $45 are due by April 30th.

Next Meeting: (1 week early) March 13

     Gift exchange $20 limit, “Movie” theme

           Hostess - Dru

Co-Hostess – Jennifer F-D

Co-Hostess - Melody

Meeting Adjourned at 8:23

      Motion to adjourn: Amanda, Dru 2nd