Chairman's Note:

Hello Ladies,
I hope you had a wonderful break and the new year brings much happiness.
We are meeting this week.  Kit making at 6:30, social at 7:00 and meeting start at 7:30.
Minutes are forthcoming.
See you then

LAS DEDICADAS MEETING – January 17, 2013




Meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM by Jennifer A., Chair


Hours Report: Melody P.



Corresponding Secretary: Linda S.

     Thank you cards need to be sent.  Sympathy cards for Michelle (Mother passed in Dec), Cathie (Mother-in-law passed in Dec), and one to the daughter of Jane Anderson for her passing.


Treasurers Report: Roxanne D.  

      Deposits: $1,251.00- Christmas auction, $2,262.44- Thrift: Oct./Nov. total: $3,513.44

Expenses: $274.29 hygiene kits

January balance: $12,083.30

We had some issues with fraud, one charge for $2.10 that did not go through; and one for $300 that went through but has been credited back from Wells Fargo, pending investigation. A new card has been issued.


AL Liaison’s Report: Shirley M.

      The Xmas Gala was a great success. We made $1600 in 2 hours of sales. With ticket sales and selling the extra desserts to members the total income for that night was $3,779.00.

ALY received $5,000 from the Walmart National giveaway.

2 ladies from National were here this week and were very impressed with the School Bell operation. They loved the setup of your group and your production line in filling kits.

The contracts they want are partially filled out. Please sign as needed, make a copy for yourselves and leave the completed forms in my file. We will send them off to National. Thank you.


Membership: Mary Beth T. & Katrina S.

      No report




      Hygiene Kits: Amanda N.

            200 kits were made Jan 6th, 143 kits made Jan 17th for a total of: 343 kits


      School kits: Karen B.

            250 kits were made Jan 6th, 70 kits made Jan 17th for a total of: 320 kits


Out-To-Lunch Bunch: Leeanne L. and Stacey M.

      still waiting/planning for spring


Scholarships: Dru M.



Thrift Shop: LuAnn G.

       Need workers for Feb. And March


Chairman’s Business

      Street clean-up: Feb 2nd 

No contract per city regulations, future agenda item to discuss options


     Nomination committee needs to be formed at next meeting. Think about positions you may be interested in.


Next Meeting: February 21

      Hostess: Mary Beth Turner.

      Co-hostess: Leeanne Lagunas and Stacey Mesa


Meeting Adjourned at 7:55

      Motion to adjourn: Linda, Jennifer Foster-Degillo 2nd